Up in the air: The vague Byju’s-NITI Aayog stab at public edtech

By Arpit Arora, Olina Banerji in journalism

December 8, 2021

Note: This article was originally published on The Ken website and is subject to their copyright terms and conditions.


  • The $20 billion edtech giant Byju’s has set its sight on the public education system in India. It has a willing partner in NITI Aayog

  • Byju’s wants to target students in India’s most developmentally challenged states; its products aren’t a great fit for the audience

  • Unwilling to customise its offering, Byju’s wants to stay away from complex on-ground operations

  • This has already led to confusion with state-level functionaries, who are waiting for Byju’s to make the first move


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