The speed bumps in LEAD’s plan to digitise India’s budget private schools

By Arpit Arora in journalism

February 22, 2022

Note: This article was originally published on The Ken website and is subject to their copyright terms and conditions.


  • In the last two years, LEAD has expanded from 600 partner schools to nearly 5,000; it raised $100 million recently, becoming a unicorn in the process

  • Teachers are the centre of its plans to digitise classrooms—by removing the management and lesson planning headache, LEAD lets them focus on teaching

  • LEAD’s solutions work well for splashy marketing, but they’re difficult to tailor for a diverse range of students. They’re also expensive

  • The only way LEAD can make bank is by scaling; it has enough runway to hit 10,000 schools but organic growth will not come easy


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