The State of FOSS in India Report

A chronicle of the evolution of the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) ecosystem in India. Identifying key stakeholders, their challenges & recommendations to support the growth of a healthy community.

By Arpit Arora, Divya Rani, Gaurav Godhwani, Preethi Govindarajan in Education FOSS Open Source Report

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CivicDataLab in partnership with Omidyar Network India conducted a research study to develop a deeper understanding of the Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) ecosystem of India, its current stakeholders, challenges faced by the FOSS movement, and explore ways to support FOSS communities and accelerate adoption in India. The research also chronicles the journey of FOSS in India, research and map out the pioneers of the FOSS movement: tracing projects, local communities, big tech contributors and current adoption by State and Central Governments.

The research identifies the key stakeholders of the ecosystem, their spheres on influence, key challenges faced by the them and recommendations on how best to support and incentivise adoption and contribution to the FOSS community, locally and globally. For the Indian FOSS ecosystem to thrive, a National FOSS Alliance is suggested — a network of committed stakeholders from developer communities, industry, academia, and government to join forces and work towards building India’s digital ecosystems rooted in the core values of FOSS.


  • Arpit Arora, Co-author
  • Divya Rani, Co-author, Designer
  • Gaurav Godhwani, Co-author, Project Lead
  • Preethi Govindarajan, Co-author


FOSS and Education

Identification of the key membersw of the Education ecosystem participating in FOSS.

Their sphere of influence and how they interact with other stakeholders.

Recommendations for Educational Institutes as a co-creating member of the FOSS ecosystem.


Evolution of FOSS Ecosystem around the world and the transformation in India.

Snapshot of the evolution of FOSS in India.


Posted on:
January 12, 2020
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Education FOSS Open Source Report
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