The community-shaped hole in Skillshare’s plan to take on FrontRow, Unlu

Series: Journalism

The American creative learning marketplace entered India earlier this year with a bank of over 30,000 pre-recorded online classes. It’s already partnering with popular Indian creators and offering attractive subscription prices. But the lack of live classes and interactions between users and teachers puts it at a disadvantage against Indian competitors.

Beyond WhiteHat Jr: the hinterland niche calling India’s coding edtechs

Series: Journalism

For a long time, coding in edtech has been synonymous with WhiteHat Jr in India. A handful of smaller companies like CuriousJr, Coding Ninjas, StayQrious are trying to break through and they’re doing it by focussing on markets where accessibility to tech and coding is nearly non-existent. To succeed, they’ll need to recalibrate the very nature of coding edtech.

Up in the air: The vague Byju’s-NITI Aayog stab at public edtech

Series: Journalism

Byju’s big bang entry into the public sector comes via a headline-making partnership with NITI Aayog that promises free educational resources. But without inputs from on-ground stakeholders, the programme is seeing a serious mismatch between Byju’s content offerings and the realities of a post-pandemic learning gap.